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Did you know that Devozki has an analytics suite available to tell you more about how well your profile is performing If you've never used analytics or don't know where to start, then this post is for you! Profile and image analytics can help you measure your traffic on Devozki and better understand how often your profile is seen and what drives enquiries. We also use an algorithm to create fair search results, rather than exploiting users for constant boost payments. Because this creates variation in your search placement, your analytics will help you see the whole picture. The Devozki search algorithm Devozki works a little differently to most other directories in that we use a dynamic algorithm to order the search results for each query. This ensures that all providers at a given plan level get proportionate visibility, even in busy markets like. Most platforms use a list-based system in which users pay for a bump to boost them to the top position of search results for a given location (or sometimes the whole site). This style of search placement originated on classified sites like where listings were generally presented by category or location pages, not via flexible search. Most directories adopted the same boost system even though search is more flexible than traditional listings because providers were used to paying for that top position even if it is no longer the most important spot. The problem with this placement mechanism is that once others have boosted, you're knocked off that top position and will gradually end up lower and lower in the list until you pay again. This is particularly bad in busy markets where you might not even get a few hours on the first few pages and heavily favours those who can afford to pay for lots of boosts over those who can only afford the occasional boost. Anyone else remember spending $$$ on Backpage and having to boost consistently, paying to boost for every location you're visiting Or having to pay big bucks for placement on the homepage of other sites (I'll dispel that placement myth further down!) We really didn't like this method and didn't think it was an appropriate, or a fair way to run an ad platform for Manchester escort ads. Especially when our goal was to make the platform as ethical as possible and accessible to all - even those who couldn't afford paid ads. (aka I'm paying for Premium, why isn't my profile showing first)There are a number of things Devozki does that others don't, so we understand why it can sometimes be a bit confusing. When someone performs a search on Devozki for a given area, we do a few things to determine what order they see the profiles in. After we filter for location, we then group profiles by their plan type Premium, followed by Standard, then Basic, and finally Lite. The profiles within these groups are then shuffled, presenting a different order to every user on every search. You might not show within the first few pages for your test search, but you may be showing up there for someone else. We added this shuffle to search results to ensure that everyone who is paying for a plan tier gets a fair number of placings higher up the list, rather than prioritising the latest person who paid. This is especially important in large cities, like NYC or San Francisco, where there are a large number of listings overall as well as a large number of people paying for upgraded listings. We want everyone to get maximum value from their listing without needing to pay to constantly boost it. So what about the Available Now button When you mark your profile as Available Now it will apply a small boost to your position after the shuffle is completed. Other ways to improve your visibility. Ensuring that your profile is filled out and updated regularly will give you more ways to be seen. We also only show people the kind of profiles they are looking for, so if your profile is targeted at male clients it won't appear next to one targeted as female clients. You can adjust how your profile appears using the options on the. Going on tour Creating tours will ensure that you appear in searches for those locations as well, up to the limit of your plan tier, at the same grouping you pay for in your home base. We give your current location the biggest boost, whether that is your home base or a tour you are currently on. For example if your home base is New York City and you have a tour for the todays date in Miami, your profile will be boosted more in Miami than New York for the plan tier group you are on. Exposure outside of search results Search isn't the only place your profile is shown on Devozki. A goal we had when building Devozki, and designing how it would work, was to ensure that it would be sustainable, no matter how many users we have on the platform. From my own experience, I know how frustrating it is to pay an excruciating amount to a platform for prime position, only to be knocked off within a few hours because so many other workers are vying for that same top spot. over 30% of our overall pageviews are on profile pages! This is compared to our homepage where we only see about 3% of our overall views. To help clients find a good match, now or in the future, we have a section called. In January 2021, we had 68.5M page views, 22.3M of which were profiles pages. During the same period the ‌‌home page garnered 2.02M page views. Sometimes the homepage isn't the place with the most hits! Located at the bottom of every profile, the similar profiles list is filled out based on profile attributes that you configure from the. For example, if you visited my profile this area would be filled predominately with brunette women located in Melbourne, Australia. Your position in this list will also be based on your profile tier and how many attributes you share in common with the host profile. Don't want to take part in this feature Deselect the option to Appear on other profiles from the. When you deselect this option, your profile will no longer show a similar profiles section and you will stop appearing in other providers' profiles. Categories and the homepage Having your profile fully filled out allows us to show your profile not only on category pages but specific search requests. Based on your profile content you will show up in categories like.. We're always looking at expanding these categories so keep an eye on any new sections that appear in your edit profile area and announcements on the dashboard! We also show profiles on our homepage, highlighting recently active and new providers to the platform. These lists are also prioritised based on plan level and randomised so the providers listed vary for each user. Search varies from person to person, so just performing test searches for your profile won't give you a full rounded picture of where your profile appears for everyone. For this reason we have an available for all profiles, with more insights available on paid plans. It's important to check out your analytics so let's dive into how it works! 2 years of incredible growth now ranks close to the top 10,000 websites globally! While this is pretty cool, it doesn't help you understand how your profile is performing or how it is being interacted with. This is where Devozki analytics steps in. Your analytics will be delayed by 24 hours, ensuring that you are seeing a full days results and not partial results. If you've just upgraded, you won't start to see relevant data for a day or two.

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