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Who We Work With at Soul Food Kitchen

We've had the opportunity to work with lots of wonderful people with amazing talents and ethics. With how many workshops we've hosted, we have a few hosts who we work with regularly to bring new things to Soul Food Kitchen all the time.

You might've seen us advertising these workshops, but have you ever wondered a bit more about who these people are who are hosting them? This post will be giving you an introduction to our partners so you can know exactly who we work with! You can follow their links to find out what they have to say about themselves too!


Janice Clyne

Nourished by Nature

Food Scientist & Biochemist, BSc MSc

Janice Clyne, aka Nourished By Nature is a passionate foodie and fermentista who works with us to host amazing workshops all the time. Janice is passionate about all things fermentation related. We regularly run workshops with Janice, such as her gut health workshops and “intro to fermentation” workshop.

Follow her:


Current workshops:

Sauerkraut & Kimchi Masterclass

Taste of Fermentation


David Rabone

David Rabone Soul Healer

Life Coach, Healer & Pharmacist

David Rabone is a soul healer who is passionate about health and well-being and works with us to bring you the wonderful Sunday Stillness. David has worked in the healing arts for over 15 years and has been a pharmacist for 25 years. David’s aim is to assist you in living an empowered life, from the heart, creating with greater confidence, inspiration and passion.

Follow him:


Current events:

Sunday Stillness

Sunday Stillness - 2h Deep Meditation


Dr Laura Freeman

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor


Dr Laura Michele Freeman is a certified lifestyle medicine doctor who first became interested in lifestyle medicine after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and trying to incorporate health promoting changes into her own life. Her goals are to empower people to optimise their health with an emphasis on wholefood plant-based diets. She has found passion in enhancing her patients’ lives through improved lifestyle


Follow her:


Current events:

CHIP Information Session - Free

Walk with a Doc - Free Monthly Event



Simply Pause Photography

Qualified Professional Photographer

Karené from Simply Pause Photography has been a photographer for over 15 years! Simply pause is about slowing down, taking a breath and appreciating what’s there. It’s about slow living and taking care when creating something. Karené works with Soul Food Kitchen to bring us her food photography workshop, which is always an absolute hit.

Follow her:


Current workshops:

Food Photography Workshop


Dr Punam Krishan & Dr Jude Marshall

Glasgow Wellbeings

Qualified Lifestyle GPs

Dr Punam Krishan & Dr Jude Marshall are two GPs who are specialising in lifestyle medicine and want to work with the public to understand how they can improve and empower healthcare delivery in Glasgow. Glasgow wellbeing’s host free monthly meet ups as well as workshops.

Follow them:



Current events:

Preventing Disease With a Plant Based Diet


Francesco Accolla & Aimee Jackson

Nutcrafter Creamery

Francesco Accolla & Aimee Jackson are the directors and co-founders of Nutcrafter Creamery, which is a company manufacturing handcrafted, organic and plant-based food. Their mission is to cultivate and spread a healthier and balanced lifestyle through nourishing foods. Nutcrafter Creamery occasionally hosts their beloved Artisan Vegan Cheesemaking workshop at Soul Food Kitchen.

Follow them:


Current workshops:

Artisan Vegan Cheesemaking




Noni is the founder of Tempehtation UK, an authentic health-focused company creating delicious and nutritious tempeh that is simple to make. Their mission is to help everyone to make their own fresh tempeh. The beautiful Noni works with us to show you how to make delicious tempeh using her own starter culture in her Tempeh Workshop.

Follow her:


Current workshops:

Tempeh Workshop by Tempehtation UK



For The Love of Lemons

Ayesha from “For the Love of Lemons” is a food and health enthusiast. She has created a series of workshops to encourage healthy eating, and to inspire you in the kitchen. We have worked together with her to bring you the “Mindful Snacking” workshop. Her mission is to inspire and encourage people to make healthier food choices through simple changes.

Follow her:


Current workshops:



Lucie Bradley

Lucie Bradley Medical Herbalist

Medical Herbalist & Holistic Therapist, MSc

Lucie Bradley is a professionally trained medical herbalist and a massage therapist who works with us to host educational and insightful workshops. Lucie frequently hosts pop up dispensary’s every month that have a wide variety of amazing products.

Follow her:


Current events:

Free Event - Pop-up Herbal Dispensary


Imogen Stirling

Imogen Stirling Poetry

Imogen Stirling is a Glasgow-based poet, theatre-maker and musician. Imogen was selected to participate in the BBC Words First talent development scheme, and her new gig poetry show Love The Sinner is in development. Imogen Stirling frequently teams up with Soul Food Kitchen to host the lovely Soul Food Poetry.

Follow her:


Current events:

Soul Food Poetry

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