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Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Vegans

Stocking filler gifts are great, they’re affordable and nothing too crazy, but they can be quite sweet and make for good gifts for those we aren’t as close to. If you’ve procrastinated buying your friends their Christmas gift and feel the countdown to Christmas knocking on your door, fear not! We’ll be giving you a list of some fun stocking filler gift ideas that are ethical or themed around vegans!

Pet Avocado Toast by VeggiePalsShop

This little piece of food is the cutest healthy snack you could possibly meet! This adorable handcrafted sculpt is made from polymer clay, so don’t try to eat him! He’ll make a lovely addition to your countertop, dashboard or office desk! He’ll make for an excellent stocking filler as he’s totally affordable at only £5.50! VeggiePalsShop makes a huge collection of these fruit and veg friends, so if an avocado isn’t for you, maybe a pea or a bean will be!

Price: £50.50 Buy here:

Peace Messenger Dove

Isn’t this dove just adorable? This clay dove is made by artisans in Sacatepequez, Guatamala, where they shaped, baked and hand-painted these beautiful figures. There’s a hole through the dove that’ll let you fit paper notes that you can send to your family or loved ones. This stocking filler would make for a great gift, not only for being thoughtful, but because it’s helping the indigenous Mayan artisans who make these lovely gifts! By buying these products, you’ll be helping to sustain the possibility of funding these families to send their children to school for the next few years.

Save the Bees, Plant More Trees, Clean the Seas Bracelets

Bracelets always make for lovely gifts, but why not take it a step further and buy someone an environmental activist bracelet? These bracelets are perfectly simple and they look great. According to the creator of the bracelet: “The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish as you place it on your wrist. In time, the cord wears out and your wish comes true!” What a neat little sentiment, right? All of the packaging for this bracelet is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so fear not!

Price: £3.95 Buy it here:

Vanilla Soy Wax Melts

If you’ve ever purchased a wax melt, you’ll know they smell absolutely amazing. These heart-shaped melts have a powerful aroma and they’re made with natural soy wax. These wax melts are 100% vegan, 100% eco friendly and totally cruelty free. They’d make a great addition to anyone’s stocking, and a great smell to anyone’s humble abode. Whoever you give this gift to will be thinking of you whenever they get a whiff of this joyous gift.

Price: £5.00 Buy it here:

Vegan Strawberry White Chocolate

Ask any vegan what they miss before they became vegans, and you’re almost guaranteed to get at least one person who says they miss the delectable taste of creamy chocolate. A simple, but very thoughtful gift to give would be this gorgeous strawberry white chocolate bar that is completely free of dairy! It looks delicious and tastes even better. Giving the vegan in your life the memory of this delicious treat will make them your best friend for life.

Price: £4.99

Gift Card for Soul Food Kitchen

For the vegan in your life, what can be better than a gift card to go eat at a vegan restaurant? Meals out are always a lovely treat to gift anyone, and for it to be specific to their diet, they’ll almost certainly be delighted. With our gift cards, we have a broad selection to choose from! We have coffee or herbal tea discounts, money vouchers, workshop vouchers and many more!

Price: £10 to £50

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Flagman Faigen
Flagman Faigen
Mar 29, 2023

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Oct 08, 2021

Thaanks great post

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