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Healthy Chocolate? It Exists!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

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Raw chocolate! What is it? We’re bringing Ailey Mae’s Raw Chocolate to Soul Food Kitchen so now’s the time to learn about what it is and why it’s worth trying.

It all started in 2011 when a pregnant Ailey craved chocolate that didn’t contain all the ‘nasties’ found in commercial chocolate and began experimenting with ethically sourced ingredients. While she originally just wanted to make chocolate for herself, her friends became avid customers, claiming Ailey’s chocolate was the best they’d ever tasted. Soon this turned into a kitchen-table business which she ran from her North Berwick home just outside of Edinburgh.

While living in North Berwick, Leanne and Nathan came across a raw chocolate bar with no refined sugar that they absolutely loved. In 2019, the ladle was handed over to them, and with the help of Ailey, they will keep providing the delicious varieties that already exist and they hope to bring some new exciting bars out for the public to enjoy in the future.

The chocolate itself is made using unroasted beans with the temperature kept below 42⁰C, made in tiny batches using Peruvian Criollo cacao. A ladle is used in making these batches, hand poured in bowls. Ailey Mae’s chocolate is one of the few makers who uses this technique, and it allows for each batch of chocolate to be made perfectly. A key step in making raw chocolate is keeping the temperature below 42⁰C to retain all the nutritional and antioxidant properties that Peruvian criollo cacao contains. The chocolate is completely additive free and doesn’t contain anything artificial.

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This delicious treat comes in a whopping 13 flavours, a few of these flavours include maple pecan, salted caramel, peppermint and peanut butter. It would be delicious as a treat or even a topping to a yummy dessert.

Benefits of Raw Chocolate

· High in vitamins and minerals

· Full of antioxidants

· Is an aphrodisiac

· Lactose intolerant

· Vegan

· Helps lower blood pressure

· Promote normal blood clotting function

· Decreases the risk of heart disease

· No artificial flavourings

· No refined sugar

· Richer taste

What’s not to love? Ailey Mae’s Raw Chocolate is healthy and delicious, and we absolutely recommend it. Be sure to stop by Soul Foods Kitchen and grab a bar!

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John Skinner
John Skinner
Jan 10, 2023

wow cool!


Red Arrow
Red Arrow
Dec 27, 2022

Oh, that's pretty interesting, I've never heard of anything like that. I can tell you that after I started smoking weed from, I learned about CBD edibles, and there was chocolate, so at first, I thought that it was something like that because CBD has many health benefits as well.

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