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Ethical Kids Christmas Guide

Time is running out til Christmas is upon us, but if you’re wanting to give your child some thoughtful gifts this Christmas, this list will help you out a treat. Finding ethical gifts that are suitable for kids isn’t always the easiest feat. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ethical gift ideas! From exploration kits to adopting endangered species, these gifts are ethical and thoughtful and your animal-loving child should absolutely love some of these options. The environment and the animals will absolutely love you too!

Eco-Dough by Eco-Kids

Playdough is always on a top list for best kids’ toys, that’s for sure. It’s a fantastic toy to encourage creativity. Now, what’s better than regular playdough? Eco-dough! This all-natural form of the toy is coloured dough made from the dyes of beets, spinach, paprika, carrots and more! Bet you never thought kids could have so much fun with veggies!

Price: $16.00 Buy here:

Grow n’ Glow Terrarium

Wouldn’t you like to teach kids the wonders of nature by getting them their own terrarium! They’ll be able to craft, plant, water and grow their own tabletop garden. Educational fun is one of the best kinds of fun! The perfect STEAM activity that mixes science and art, allowing your child to create their own eco-system and learn about botany and the life cycle of plants. Perhaps one day they’ll use this knowledge in their own career!

Price: £16.14 Get it here:

“Adopt” an Animal

“Adopting” an animal is a great conservationist gift to give any child, giving them the opportunity to care for the environment and protect a species. You can adopt many different types of animals, from meerkat to tigers, with the money going toward the rehabilitation and support of these animals. Most of these adoption packages will give you the opportunity to buy a stuffed animal to give your child along with this amazing opportunity, which they are near guaranteed to love.

Exploration Kit for Kids

Adventure is out there! Kids love exploring, that’s a known fact. It’s hard to keep them in one place for long! So why not encourage this healthy need by purchasing your kid an exploration kit, packed with helpful tools that’ll take their adventures to a whole new level. This exploration kit comes with an array of different tools, such as binoculars, a compass, a bug catching set and more! You’ll keep your energised tots busy for hours, all while letting them appreciate and observe nature and its beauty.

Price: £15.99 Buy it here:

Children’s “Help Yourself” Cookbook

Introducing anyone to the world of cooking is a beautiful thing, but teaching children how to cook is one of the greatest things you can give to them. It’ll help them with their future, while broadening their food palette and teaching them to be healthy. This cook book takes things a step further by teaching children plant-based recipes that’ll keep them healthy and save the world! “The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids” empowers children to “take charge of their own nutrition – for now and for life!”

Price: £9.93 Buy it here:

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