Christmas Gift Ideas for Vegan Women

There’s a good chance you know at least one vegan, and given the statistics, they’re likely a woman! So, what kind of gift would be fitting for the vegan women in your life? We’ll be making multiple gift guides to help you as Christmas approaches, focusing on vegan items you can gift to your loved ones. To start off these posts, we’ll be making a gift guide for vegan women. These gifts don't have to only be for women, we're sure anyone of any gender could enjoy these gifts! We just had women in mind when compiling it!

Vegan Strawberry White Chocolate

Ask any vegan what they miss before they became vegans, and you’re almost guaranteed to get at least one person who says they miss the delectable taste of creamy chocolate. A simple, but very thoughtful gift to give would be this gorgeous strawberry white chocolate bar that is completely free of dairy! It looks delicious and tastes even better. Giving the vegan in your life the memory of this delicious treat will make them your best friend for life.

Price: £4.99

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Vegan & Cruelty Free Pamper Box

Everyone loves a good pamper box, filled to the brim with refreshing products to keep your skin healthy and happy. So, what better than to get someone a vegan and cruelty free pamper box? Anyone would be truly grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift that is perfectly acceptable for a vegan to use. There’s nothing worse than getting the cutest bath bomb that you can’t even use!

Price: £19.00

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Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Set

Makeup! We love it, but it’s very difficult to gift someone makeup, given that everyone uses certain products and that’s near impossible for us to know. So, what’s the next best thing? Makeup brushes! Vegan & Cruelty free makeup brushes, that is. You can’t go wrong with these, the more brushes the merrier! Not to mention these makeup brushes are absolutely stunning with their marble handles. Not to mention they’re incredibly affordable for such a huge set!

Price: £8.99

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Vegan Leather A6 Journal

Journals are a wonderful gift for anyone, they’re a fantastic way of expressing oneself either by creating art or writing, or even just as a diary. These gorgeous leather journals are made from leaf leather, making them 100% vegan and therefore wonderful gifts to the vegan in your life. There are a multitude of colours to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for your loved one!

Price: £22.50

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Personalised Vegan Gift Hamper

Hampers are one of the best gifts you can get a person, you get so many little gifts all wrapped into one beautifully crafted box that’s personalised to the lucky vegan who gets this lovely gift. This hamper has an array of different products, from a bath salts potion to an adorable felt avocado! What’s not to love? Not to mention you have 3 different sizing options!

Price: £21.95, £26.95, £30.95/£32.95

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Zero Waste Kit

The zero-waste lifestyle is hard, so help the vegan in your life by getting this zero-waste starting kit, which gives you a good starting point to this difficult but very rewarding lifestyle. You’ll get bamboo items and cruelty free products to start you out. Anyone you get this for will be truly grateful for helping them on their zero-waste journey. You’ll also have the option to personalise your own welcome note.

Price: £33.95+

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