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Christmas Gift Guide for Vegan Men

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s important that you get your gifts soon so that they'll arrive in time for Christmas. Next in our series of gift guides is a list for vegan men! It can be quite difficult to find gifts for men so we've got you covered! All of the products listed will be vegan and cruelty free! These gifts don't have to only be for men, we're sure anyone will enjoy these products, we just had men in mind when making it!

Personalised Name Water Bottle

Hydration is incredibly important for our health, and a lot of fitness-loving men will need a good water bottle, so this personalised name water bottle would be perfect! It would make for a very snazzy gym accessory. While you could get this gift for men and women alike, we think men would particularly love the sleek design. “Stay hydrated on the go with this reusable bottle, perfect for taking on a walk or run. Ditch the single-use plastic bottles, our water bottle can be refilled and reused again and again. This useful gift is great for keeping in your gym bag, on your desk or in your car.”

Price: £29.75

Nintendo Classic Mini

Take the man in your life back in time with this retro NES system that is filled with nostalgic video games such as Mario Bros, Zelda and more. This will be sure to take him back to a different time in his life and hopefully bring back some awesome memories on this very cool system that is equally as fun now as it was all the way back when.

Price: £82.99

Bamboo Folio Smartpad Notebook

This notebook is excellent for taking down all the notes you could possibly need, all while being smart! Meaning any notes taken will be saved digitally. “The digital notebook by Wacom combines handwritten notes with the modern digital workplace; notes and sketches on any paper can easily be digitised and saved on a tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth.”

Price: £120.47

Monthly SockSubscription

Socks are incredibly important, and men really need to be stocked up on them all year round. Otherwise you might be seeing lots of odd sock combos. Getting your man a subscription box with these incredibly necessary clothing items will leave surely keep him happy and set. Better yet, there’s so many options to choose from! Funny, quirky, simple, stylish, you name it. This site has it. He’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice.

Price: Starting from £20

Check it out here:

Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Sound Wave Print

This gift is honestly adorable, while also looking awesome as some wall art! A stunning metallic foil personalised print designed for music lovers, featuring your favourite song, in the format of visual soundwaves, on coloured paper backgrounds. This would make for lots of adorable opportunities, such as the song you first danced to. If that isn’t adorable and thoughtful, I don’t know what is.

Price: £30

Sleep Tracking Pad

This thoughtful gift is a great way to help him figure out how to sleep easier. It’ll provide you with the data about each little thing to determine things, but not only that, it also offers control for the lights, thermostat and Alexa, giving you lots of ways to get your room to the ideal sleeping condition.

Price: £99.99

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This temperature-regulating mug will ensure every morning coffee is optimally hot for much longer. Not to mention, this smart mug is super stylish looking and very futuristic. What’s not to love? You control this mug with your smartphone, but you’ll also have the option to control the temperature directly from the mug itself.

Price: £134.95

Grooming Ritual for Men Gift Set

This grooming set is the perfect gift to give any man in your life, as it includes the 3 steps to smooth and protect while delivering the closest and smoothest shave. This set contains exfoliating face scrub, soothing shaving gel and cooling moisturiser. Your man will be feeling as smooth and as soothed as he possibly can for this Christmas. How can you go wrong with this?

Price: £15.00

Matt & Nat Vegan Brave Backpack – Black

Backpacks are awesome, but vegan backpacks are even better. This sleek, stylish pack has an authentic look and feel while being made with the environment in mind. “This beautifully made faux leather backpack has a recycled nylon lining and the main compartment features a zip closure, interior zipper pocket, smartphone pocket and will fit a 13” laptop. The bag has adjustable webbing straps, side pockets and a front zipper pocket too.” Sounds pretty great, right? This backpack would make an amazing gift for any man in your life.

Price: £114.95

Moderno Vegan Leather All Black/Black Watch

We’ll finish off this gift guide with a very snazzy vegan watch. Who doesn’t love watches? They’re a key accessory to any outfit. This Moderno Vegan Leather Watch is my personal favourite out of Hurtig’s selection as it simply looks so modern and clean. Buy a man this watch and you may as well have bought his heart. The fact this watch is completely vegan makes it absolutely great, plus the fact its actually quite affordable for a high-quality watch.

Soul Food Kitchen Gift Card

For the vegan in your life, what can be better than a gift card to go eat at a vegan restaurant? Meals out are always a lovely treat to gift anyone, and for it to be specific to their diet, they’ll almost certainly be delighted. With our gift cards, we have a broad selection to choose from! We have coffee or herbal tea discounts, money vouchers, workshop vouchers and many more!

Price: £10 to £50

Soul Food Kitchen Raw Cakes

Oh yeah, that’s right, Soul Food Kitchen has started selling whole raw cakes for you to enjoy! Buying someone one of our cakes would make for a lovely Christmas gift, and we have quite a few different flavours to choose from! Pumpkin spice, peanut butter- Oh, and don’t even get us started on the raw cake Christmas selection box we’ll be selling soon!

Price: £35

Tickets to a Soul Food Kitchen Workshop

As you probably know, Soul Food Kitchen hosts an array of different workshops throughout the year, from food photography to kombucha making. At the start of 2020, we have some great workshops for you, such as our 2020 Vision Board Workshop! Taking your loved one to a workshop is a shoe-in for a delightful experience partaking in something different and interesting.

Price: £20-30

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