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10 Seasonal Treats for this Autumn!

One of the best parts about Autumn is spending time with your family and eating delicious treats while watching a firework display or sitting around the fire with a hot drink in hand. We’ve compiled a fun list of different sugary treats to indulge in this Autumn, from toffee apples to cinnamon cake, we have treats for everyone. Almost all of these recipes are vegan, so they’re great for everyone. Thank you to the awesome blogs that made these recipes in the first place! Be sure to check them out and give them your love.

Homemade Toffee Apples by BBC Good Food

Nothing beats a crunchy, sweet toffee apple. They simply scream Autumn, so wrapped up in your hat and scarf while eating a toffee apple will truly make you feel the Autumn spirit. These lovely treats are great for your kids to eat while they watch the fireworks, and BBC Good Food has a super simple recipe to make some truly delectable ones. Try to be creative about what you can coat your toffee apple in! There’s endless opportunities for tasty treats to be made.

S’mores Dip by BBC Good Food

S’mores are another treat that just truly puts you in the Autumn mood. Sitting around a campfire or bonfire while indulging on these moreish treats. Not to mention they’re an absolute hit with the kids. But instead of the usual way of making s’mores, BBC Good Foods has a unique take on the treat with this tasty marshmallow and chocolate dip. It’s a great way to make a big dish for everyone at once, rather than cooking each s’more individually.

Apple & Cinnamon Cake by Tinned Tomatoes

A good old-fashioned apple & cinnamon cake just cannot be beat. It’s an excellent cake that everyone will love from all ages. It truly radiates Autumnal spirit, bursting with fall flavours while looking incredibly thematic too. Vegan blogger Tinned Tomatoes has come up with an easy recipe for anyone to make this tasty cake. It would be perfect to cut some slices up to eat while you watch a fireworks display.

Vegan Salted Caramels by Wallflower Kitchen

Salted caramels is another Autumn staple that cannot be beaten as a snack to eat while enjoying the warmth of a cosy house on a chilly night. For those who are more experiences in the kitchen, this recipe will be a fun one for you to try making to impress the kids (or to just enjoy yourself!). Of course, these tasty treats are vegan, but better yet, they’re also gluten-free, making them a great treat for anyone. Wallflower Kitchen has blessed us with this amazing recipe to indulge in this season.

Toffee Apple Bread & Butter Pudding by BBC Good Food

Yep, we have another BBC Good Foods recipe on this list. Can you blame us? Their recipes are amazing! This one is no exception. This classic comfort food is perfect for this season, and absolutely nobody will resist taking a bite of this stunning meal. This dessert will be great to serve after a hearty meal before you head out to watch the fireworks. Nobody can resist this delight. Unfortunately, it isn’t vegan, but the non-vegan foods can be easily substituted with the vegan items if you know what you’re doing.

Super Creamy Hot Chocolate by Veggie and the Beast Feast

While hot chocolate isn’t a food, you simply cannot have Autumn without this heart-warming beverage, especially if you’re out in the chilly weather. While it’s easy to get a store-bought hot chocolate mix, VeggieandtheBeast has a unique recipe for you to try out that beats the average store-bought chocolate. This is also an excellent recipe for vegans as this recipe substitutes all animal products.

Bowl Apple Gingerbread Cake by Minimalist Baker

The image of this dish speaks louder than words. This dish, made by the Minimalist Baker, is absolutely beautiful, and will leave anyone you serve this to with drool hanging from their mouths. With its healthier list of ingredients, this vegan recipe will appeal to even more people. Having a slice while you’re wrapped up in a blanket and watching a movie will just make your evening. It is hearty, rustic, moist, tender and altogether perfect for sharing.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake by Demuths

You can’t blame us for adding all these cakes to our list, they truly make for such delicious Autumn treats that are perfect to share with family and friends. This chocolate fudge cake by Demuths is absolutely no exception. This recipe was actually on this restaurant’s menu for a whole 20 years! You definitely know this must be worth making if it was in such high demand. For extra cosiness, try serving it warm as a pudding with hot chocolate sauce and vegan ice cream.

Vegan Parkin by The Everyday Veggie

Parkin is a rich, spongy ginger and syrup cake that is incredibly easy to make. Taking some with you on the go to snack on with a cup of hot chocolate in the other hand will leave you in absolute heaven. TheEveryDayVeggie has created a super easy recipe for anyone to follow this season, and just in time for Autumn!

Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups by Almost Supermom

We’ve saved my personal favourite for last, and if you look at the image, you’ll definitely know why. Campfire food is amazing, and with it being Autumn, there couldn’t be a better time to make this super easy and delectable recipe. These treats are made with only 3 simple steps, and only take 5 minutes to cook! There’s nothing stopping you from making these incredible sweet treats, so head on over to Almost Supermom’s blog to find out how to make this unique treat.

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Nov 25, 2023


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